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Please feel free to look at this website for our USB Digital Iriscope, Iridology camera, iris camera, eyology and sclerology USB system ccarry case To see our later website click the above button. 



The EyeRonec Pebble Pro Iridology camera has been created for the NON TECHNICAL Naturopath and Natural Therapist, Iridologist and Herbalist.

The EyeRonec Pebble Pro Digital Iriscope takes only a little space on the desk and is very portable, Once your MAC or PC has the software installed all you need to do is plug the camera into the USB.

The EyeRonec Iridology iris camera needs No chin-rest, No dreaded flash, No ambient light problems, No heavy cases to carry,

The EyeRonec Pebble Prp sells for less then the price of  other's "camera only" price.

The latest EyeRonec model Iriscameras have 8 light (for blue eyes) and 2+ side lighting LED's for brown eyes.

The lights (white dots) are within the pupil zone !    No artifacts (white dots or streaks) in the iris so pictures are better than images taken with"open" system cameras

The Pebble Pro 5MP camera sells for just $795 with LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!! To purchase go to http://iridology.nl


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