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  3D function  

bull image.jpg

For some time I have been trying to find out what the 3D function, advertised with some Chinese iris cameras actually is, I mean 3D that sounds great..... 

Long conversations with the Chinese designers did not make things any clearer until we saw the images.........

Well the "3D" function of these cameras is just software that turns the image into NEGATIVE view. Most image processing programs will do that if you thought that this would help you in any way. Who ever thought to call it 3D ??  Bull dust !!!!

To use this "3D'  function Negative view  with the EyeRonec camera just  download the image and use a program like 'IrfanView', (down loadable from the internet)or "paint" to make the image negative and you can even swap colours so the toxins will really stand out..


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