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  Portable iriscope  made in AUSTRALIA   $ 695.-- Special  

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EyeRonec now manufactures a hand-held iriscope that connects to your computer's USB port; The "Eyespy "Pebble-8+2".

The picture below depicts the device. Altough this unit may have limited capabilities as the number of pixels of the CCD  is only 2 Mp  but the images are remarkably good and the still image is max 5 Mp interpollated.

The complete unit with  capture software sells for the Best Camera price of   $ 695.-- plus shipping

It is a lot  better than a magnifying glass and a flashlight, as the client can SEE their eyes on your computer screen. Students and beginners will  be very happy with this economy model .  The unit is very portable and may fit into your laptop case.

The power to the EyeSpy tm  is provided by the USB port so no extra power-pack or batteries are required.


      Note our new contact details for Australia and the USA and Check out our New Website ww.iridology.nl                        Pebble 8+2 iridology camera - EyeRonec Iridology Camera


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