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The EyeRonec cameras have been developed over a period of over 15 years. It has taken that length of time for the price, features and quality to come together. 

The Pebble Camera head precision manufactured in  quantities of 100 units at the time and incorporates the electronics, LED light control(2 Side lights for brown eyes or 8 LED lights for ble eyes), the USB power supply, 5MP Lens and precision focus wheel.

The EyeRonec lens unit is the most valuable  item of the whole system.


There are many hundreds of  EyeRonec systems in use, in a dozens of countries.


The lens unit is especially designed for a specific model  of camera and when this model is replaced by the manufactures we may  again  have to redesign the whole lens unit.



The camera automatically saves iris photos to your laptop, PC or MAC for manipulation, assessment and storage.


As an iriscope, the it's very simple and easy to use, just connect the camera to the laptop's USB port and open the software for instant display of the iris image so you can compose and focus properly and take the shot correctly at first go, if you wish you could purchase a photo printer to print a 6x4” photograph for your patient file.


We have designed the EyeRonec Iris camera system to be affordable and the best value for money for a complete iriscope.  

The EyeRonec Pebbles are compact, professional and easier to operate than most other systems on the market an you SEE the picture FULL screen size BEFORE you take the shot.


The EyeRonec is not made by a hobbyist, one unit at the time, EyeRonec manufactures currently 100 units in one batch.

No computer is needed to operate the system, but with the uses of a special card, installed into the PC, your PC and monitor may be used.

The pebble connects to the USB of a laptop to display the LIVE image on the LCD screen of the laptop.


Computer analyzing of the iris is very deceptive, as there is no marking in the iris to show the correct location of 12 o’clock. 

So there always will be  deviation. A paper chart is easier to use than a computer mouse driven pointer and you learn the zones quickly.


Producing bar graphs (As some of the computer programs do) based on the colouring of the iris is not a science and one should be very careful to rely on these. Experience really is the best tool; Ask your patient pertinent questions and soon you know what each markings represent.


We do travel often and if you like to have a demonstration we may be able to meet.We do NOT charge for demonstrations unlike other camera sellers.

Some practitioners have come to see us and stayed  over night to have enough training to put the system together and use the camera. There is no charge for this, you are welcome to visit our busy clinic and practice with the EyeRonec system, just call before hand.

Most purchasers  just follow our easy step by step instructions and set-up and operate the system in no time.




Q. Where are the bold statements and state of the art websites?

A. Sorry we are Naturopath NOT sales people we leave the bull dust in the paddock, where it should be....


Q. I have a good quality camera and with my macro lens I can make pictures of the iris but I have problems with the flash lights covering a 

     large part of the eye and often the image is not clear. Can you help me fix these problems?

A. Sorry we have taken many years to develop the EyeRonec lens unit, we can not assist you in re-inventing the wheel. 


Q. Some suppliers have a maintenance service for $ 400.- a year to maintain  the system, do you have a service like that?

A. No The Pebbleneeds NO service  or maintenance and NO batteries are used, the whole system runs from the USB power.

     You may have to clean the lens  now and then if you work in a dusty environment and take care of all the connections and cables.


Q. Do you have representatives in my area? Australia is so far away.

A. We may be a long distance away but with modern communication and transport we may as well be in your country.

     But we do have representation in the USA and Europe if you like to talk to a local person


If you have any more questions please call or email me,



Phone +61 409622795  0409 622795 Aust

Phone +1 775 825 9494 Cell 775 856 9494 USA



Leo Bongaards ND MH Dip.Ir



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