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  Iris Magnifier  



 Iris Torch, Iris Magnifier, Flashlight Loupe and illuminated magnifier are different names used to destribe the simplest way the look in someone's eye.

Iridology or sclerology the EyeRonec illuminated loupe with full 10x magnification gives you a clear view of the iris and sclera.

You may have seen 5x loupes advertised, these are not giving you enough magnification to see the iris structure clearly.

The EyeRonec iris torch has 2 daylight LED that will work without need of replacement for 13 years. It is being powered by

3 AAA batteries (not included) and has a slide ON/OFF switch.

The lens is made of coated optical glass NOT PLASTIC so No discolourisation will occur.

Our 10x iris torch is designed specifically so that you dont have to stand close to the patient.

 $  39.95   To order click the order page  or email  leo@care.cc  or www.iridology.nl


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