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Iridology is the English term for iridologie and iridología not to be confused with sclerology which is the term used for the study of the white of the eyes. Iridology or iridologie is practiced by iridologists who use iris charts and iridology cameras that takes iridology pictures, which are checked against an iridology map or an iris eye chart designed by Dr. Bernard Jensen.  Dr. Bernard Jensen’s son Art Jensen and his wife Ellen Jensen are now looking after Bernard Jensen products like Dr. Bernard Jensen iridology charts, iriscope, iris magnifiers and in general Bernard Jensen products. EyeRonec has the Dr. Bernard Jensen chart for sale and we show a professional iridology camera as well as  USB iridologie cameras. We also have iridology maps and iridology pictures. For heart health EyeRonec has a finger sensor pulse oximeters with LED display and a finger tip pulse oximeters with colour LCD display. These Finger tip medical oximeters are great for personal use to keep an eye on the oxygen levels in the blood and the heart pulse rate. Mickie Jones has developed the Universal iridology charts. This iridology chart does not show sclerology but the iris of the eye combining the Dr.Bernard Jensen system of iridology with the European iridology chart system. EyeRonec  has these iridology charts in stock.We also have an iridology retreat and iridology courses face to face or a homestudy iridology course.



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