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  Why the EyeRonec digital iriscope?  


After seeing the equipment that Iridologists traditionally use it was obvious that a better way had to be found, so after experimenting with different set-ups eventually the EyeRonec lens was developed. The ease of operating a modern digital camera is such that this was the way to go. The EyeRonec iriscope will suit Iridologists, Herbalist, Natural therapist and Naturopath. No computer is required at all, but you may use one if you wish. To download images for storage and manipulation or importing the Irises in a Iridology program. Eyology, sclerology and iridology using Bernard Jensen, Dorothy Hall, Anger, Deck, American or European systems of iridology or the Rayid method may all be used with the EyeRonec iriscope, digital iris camera. The EyeRonec is a very economical piece of Digital Iris equipment.

It's not just any Digital iridology camera, the EyeRonec pebble cameras need no stands or chin- rest. No hot xenon, krypton or halogen lights are used and no flash is required. So when you purchase an EyeRonec Pebble 8+2 or Pebble PRO you just install the softawre, plug it in to the USB port and you are ready to practice.  YES the EyeRonec Pebble iris camera is trully PORTABLE not just in name like many other cameras on the market, in fact we started the idea of a realy portable system. It's proven so successful that everyone else now unsrews their camera from the stand and calls it "hand held" and portable.

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Pebble 8+2 iridology camera - EyeRonec Iridology Camera


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