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  About Us  

dsc_0119.jpgFounded in 1961 by Leo Bongaards, as Ronec Electronics, EyeRonec is backed with 50 years of industry experience.Img11.png

EyeRonec provides a top quality affordable iridology equipment Iris camera system Complete, great customer support, and prices that can't be beat!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise EyeRonec has established a good business relationship with our customers that will last.

We are the originators of many of the ideas that have been incorporated into the latest  iridology equipment, many have copied us, even the text from our websites has been stolen... Nice people... 

                                       Call  EyeRonec at  Phone + 61  409 622795 AUST or USA  +1 775 856 9594      Clinic: +1 775 825 9494 

                                                                                      Email Leo@care.cc 

                                               EyeRonec International LLC 6165 Ridgeview Ct Ste F Reno NV 89519 USA



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